Gravel and Pavers
Ivy Geranium
Australian Tree Fern
Ivy Geranium

Common name:Ivy Geranium
Botanical name:Pelargonium peltatum

Clouds of single or double flowers are produced from spring through fall on this plant, which should be planted in areas that receive afternoon shade in warm inland valleys. Foliage resembles ivy (pointed lobes) and are bright green and glossy. Ivy Geranium looks great in hanging baskets, window boxes or in planters. Do not use for erosion control.

Australian Tree Fern

Common name:Australian Tree Fern
Botanical name:Cyathea cooperi

This evergreen fern reaches a height of 10' with light green fronds that spread to a width of 15'. Its fronds are wider and held more horizontally than those of the Tasmanian fern tree. It requirs part shade to shade, with average to little summer watering. This plant performs well in containers, and is damaged by frost below 25 degrees F. -Monterey Bay Nursery


Gravel and Pavers

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